Scroll down to view "Lady Silence", the debut single/video by The Burned Over.

The Burned Over - Lady Silence

The debut single/video from The Burned Over was inspired by a character from the Dan Simmons novel "The Terror".  Lady Silence is the daughter of an Inuit shaman who inherits the ability to commune with the Tuunbaq - A fierce polar bear-like beast that was the product of a war between Inuit gods. 

The Burned Over - Beau Brandon Drum Tracking "Lady Silence"

A little look behind the scenes...Some footage of Drummer Beau Brandon tracking the drums to The Burned Over's song "Lady Silence" in March of 2019.  All drums were recorded at Raheem Amlani's Orange Peel recordings in Kennesaw, GA.  This pass was about 95% percent of what ended up being the final take for the song!  Also included is a clip of TBO guitarist Mark Dannells cutting the solo.