Scroll down to view "Lady Silence", the debut single/video by The Burned Over.


“The Burned Over” is a modern Baphometal band whose haunting and heavy opuses create an Occult-themed soundtrack to the end of an age with their debut release, The Last Great Awakening.  

Producer/Guitarist Mark Dannells, and Vocalist Kim Dylla met in 2015 and their shared interests soon materialized into what would become The Burned Over. The name refers to an area in Central and Western New York State in the mid 19th century that was home to what was historically known as the “Second Great Awakening.” Radical concepts about spirituality considered by traditionalists to be Occult philosophy spread over the region like wildfire, ushering in a new era of spiritualism.

Dannells is currently a member of the highly successful tribute to 70s/80s smooth grooves Yacht Rock Revue, but has had a diverse career playing with such artists as: Mega Producer/Songwriter Butch Walker, Multi-Platinum Rockers Skid Row, Elektra Recording Artists Brand New Immortals (featuring former Black Crowes/Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist Johnny Colt and current John Mayer guitarist David Ryan Harris), and Timebomb Recording Artists Ball (featuring former Whitesnake/Ozzy drummer Brian Tichy, former Zappa Plays Zappa/Duran Duran drummer Joe Travers, former Powerman 5000/current Jason Bonham LZE bassist Dorian Heartsong, and current Whitesnake bassist Michael Devin).

Kim is a prominent figure in the music industry as CEO of Kylla Custom Rock Wear, designing and creating stage costumes for the biggest names in Metal and Rock. A veteran of the extreme metal scene since 2001, Dylla has been singing with a diverse array of well-known bands in the genre including Kung Fu Dykes, Thismeansyou, and A Winter Lost (Sun & Moon Recording Artists). She has toured and performed worldwide with industrial legends Velvet Acid Christ, and Mindless Faith. Dylla has also guested on albums with UK black Metallers Stahlsarg, Black Shoegazers Chrome Waves, and Finland’s metal giants Children of Bodom. Kim is perhaps best known for performing as “Vulvatron”, Co-vocalist of Virginia’s legendary theatrical metal collective GWAR.

To complete their vision, the two enlisted the talents of powerhouse drummer Beau Brandon (Withered), Producer/Engineer Raheem Amlani (Orange Peel Recordings, Brann Dailor’s Arcadea), and Producer/Mix Engineer Kevin “131” Gutierrez (Assembly Line Studios, Shinedown, Paul McCartney). The result is the full length The Last Great Awakening to be released in early 2020.